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Here you will find a site that started out as a Lifestyle Blog. Since I have a bit of ADD, the site may seem to lack focus.  It’s just the way my mind works.  Being an entrepreneur, I have lots of thoughts that span many business models.  Ecommerce is a big part of my life so it takes up a good bit of this site.  QuickBooks accounting is my specialty and I love teaching others to DIY their own books using my online courses and coaching calls. I also love to work with Excel and offer inventory and homeschool tracking spreadsheets.  Recently, I added unique physical products to my offerings.  You can find them in the Southern Mom Flair Shops.  If you are an Amazon seller, who received an IRS form 1099-K, be sure to click the provided link on the menu for the reconciliation service.  Stop struggling with the numbers and let me sort it out for you.

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How To Do Payroll For An LLC With One Employee

How To Do Payroll For An LLC With One Employee

Question:  What do you recommend for payroll for an LLC with only one employee? I will only be cutting 1-2 checks a month so it needs to be extremely affordable. I want to pay myself a bonus based on sales goals.  I'm concerned about accurate tax withholding.  Let me...

Job Interview Tips And Suggestions

Job Interview Tips And Suggestions

Follow these suggestions on your next job interview and I bet you have good results. Click the "+" on each blue tab to expand the topic.   If life is a stage, then dress for the part you want to play. When you go on an interview, please by all means...

How I Painted My Pool Deck And Faux Rag Rugs

How I Painted My Pool Deck And Faux Rag Rugs

I am so excited to share this post today.  The project was completed over a year and a half ago and still looks great.  Sharing projects that last are the best.  I mean, who has time to do an involved painting project only to have it fail and need to...

Can Organizing Your Drawers Really Spark Joy?

Can Organizing Your Drawers Really Spark Joy?

Marie Kondo has sure set a fire under a lot of people with her "spark joy" attitude about organizing our homes by tidying up.  I've got to say, I have really loved the effect it has had on our family and drawers!   I just want to tell you about a little...

Stuffed Jalapenos | My Most Requested Recipe

Stuffed Jalapenos | My Most Requested Recipe

When I first started making these stuffed jalapenos, I had a recipe from somewhere online called Jalapenos Sliders.  Well, when I said I was bringing sliders to Thanksgiving, the girls thought I was bringing some kind of hamburger with jalapenos.  They...

Super Quick and Easy Guacamole Recipe

Super Quick and Easy Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole doesn't need to be a chore to make.  Here is a simple method I use to whip up a small batch for breakfast.  You'll need a few ingredients to make this.  Choose a ripe avocado, soft, but not mushy.  I purchase my avocados in varying degrees of ripeness so I...

Prepare for hurricane season by purchasing a little each week

Hurricane season is quickly approaching. Do you need some ideas on how to save money while stocking-up? Check out this interview I did with Florida’s FOX4, Rachel Loyd, and visit my coupons page for more tips.

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