When it comes to preparing income tax and sales tax returns, Amazon sellers often ask me where they can find the information needed.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a report that can be printed and/or stored for tax records?  Well, it turns out that Amazon has a very handy report for just that.  It is called the Date Range Summary Report.

In this post, I will give you step-by-step instructions and a printable PDF for future reference.

When using a CPA at tax time, you will be asked to provide the total Amazon merchandise sales, selling fees, and sales tax collected.  The Date Range Summary Report is perfect for finding all that information, but it is also essential for reconciling your 1099-K from Amazon, which sounds easy until you try it!  Yep, it is a monster when you don’t understand Amazon.  Most of the CPAs I know have no idea how to approach the reconciliation.  That’s why I developed a system and service to help my clients have confidence in their accounting and the reporting from Amazon.  If you need help with yours, check out my service for a quick turnaround.

Now for the Quick Tip

The step-by-step instructions are available in a printable download, otherwise follow along with the images below to pull the Date Range Summary Report from Amazon Seller Central.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Access Sales Tax Totals on Amazon Seller Central
amazon seller reports income expenses sales tax Steps To Date Range Summary Report
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