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Bookkeeping can be a challenge.

We help Amazon Sellers build confidence in accounting so they can focus on building their business.

Are you looking for a QuickBooks course designed for Amazon Sellers?

Why does someone need a bookkeeping system like QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Pro Desktop is the version I suggest for Amazon Sellers.  It is software that is installed on a computer, rather than the online version and has no recurring monthly fees.  It’s cost effective at about 1/3 the price of the online version with more features.  The double-entry accounting system offers more powerful reporting options and less posting than checkbook style software or services.  There is a function for archiving vendor invoice copies, which makes it great for eliminating all those receipt piles.  It supports Excel imports, which is excellent for Amazon Seller Central reports, including inventory reconciliation and payment statement processing.  It will grow with a business with added options of credit card processing and payroll features, including Direct Deposit.

There’s so much more to QuickBooks than I can possibly list here.  The thing is, having a software to handle the job is one thing, knowing how to use it is another!  New users often express frustration when trying to learn how it all works together.  The processes happen behind the scenes and it helps to know someone, who has already worked out the details.

This Course Was Designed With You In Mind

Included are 38 video lessons with downloads and worksheets to help marry Amazon with QuickBooks.

The videos are short and to the point, while not missing a beat on the basics.  No matter your experience level, you’ll get what you need to build confidence in your accounting abilities.

With QuickBooks Pro Desktop, you’ll pay no monthly fees.

Love it or I’ll Buy it Back Guarantee.

Everything You Need For Your Amazon FBA In One Software

Being an Amazon FBA seller myself, I know what is important to you and what helps make your job a bit easier.  While this course will not hit every situation or need of every business, it will be a great tool to get you going and answer lots of questions about how QB works with Amazon business models.

Tracking Inventory, Sales Tax Payable and Bookkeeping are all supported in the QuickBooks Pro Desktop.  Keeping up with Accounts Receivable and Payable, as well as, customizing Invoices and running all your Business Reports is a snap too.  Scanning and attaching receipts for each transaction is also a plus. No more piles of paper to sort through. Tax season just got easier!

If you have several revenue streams, you’ll love this package for its comprehensive approach.  You’ll walk through setting up a new company file to running a customized worksheet to prove your ROI.  Once you see how the software works with Amazon you will be ready to adapt it to your other streams.

I recently started a new business as an Amazon FBA seller. I knew I wanted to use Quickbooks to keep track of the financial end, but I had no idea how to set it up for such a unique online business model. I searched online for help and found just the right course that I could take at home – Amazon Sellers Guide to QuickBooks Pro! The course addresses Amazon seller needs, is very affordable, and I was able to proceed at my own speed. Within a few days, I had Quickbooks and up and running!

Deb B.

Melbourne, FL

What’s included in the course?

Module 1 – The Basics

You’ll learn how to get started with QuickBooks by opening a new company file and inventory, plus setup sales tax payable.

Module 2 – The Bones

You’ll learn how to customize your chart of accounts to fit your needs.


Module 3 – Inventory Operations

We’ll show you how to download existing Amazon FBA inventory into your QuickBooks file and how to account for all your inventory.

Module 4 – Banking Downloads

In this module, you will learn how to download bank transactions and archive all those retail arbitrage receipts.  No more piles. Plus, I’ve added a lesson for Private Label sellers.  Really cool and easy.

Module 5 – Posting Sales Invoices

This module demonstrates the process of customizing invoices and managing orders in Seller Central.

Module 6 – Posting Payment Statements

This module is where all your previous work pays off.  With a customized posting worksheet, we will teach you how to reconcile your records with Amazon.  Also, we will show you how to make mass sales invoices.  Big time saver!

Module 7 – Reports

Finally, you’ll be able to see the results of your efforts in the Amazon business with real-time, professionally prepared reports.  You’ll even get a customized worksheet to prove your ROI.

Shopkeeper profit and sales tracker app for Amazon SellersModule 8 – Bonus Shopkeeper Business Dashboard

If accounting is not your bag, but you still need to track inventory, income, sales tax payable, cost of goods sold and ROI, you’ll love this option.  Less accounting, more fun!  Excel workbook included to help reconcile that 1099-K too.  Special offer: 180-Days Free Trial for students of this course.

If you need to know how to set up your QuickBooks the right way for Amazon Selling, I highly recommend Vicki’s video classes before you make a mess of things. Thanks for the great video series, Vicki.

Tye T.


I’ve taken your Amazon Sellers Guide to Quickbooks course, and have found it to be EXTREMELY HELPFUL!  Thanks a ton.

Dave H.

Little Elm, TX

If You Are Not Tracking Inventory, You May Be Losing Money And Not Even Know It.

Our course will teach you how to track your inventory and so much more.

Course Outline

Module 1 The Basics
Unit 1 Opening a New Company File
Unit 2 Backing Up Your Company File
Unit 3 Opening Your Inventory
Unit 4 Setting Up Sales Tax Items
Module 2 The Bones
Unit 1 Setting Up Chart of Accounts Part 1- Income and Expenses
Unit 2 Setting up Chart of Accounts Part 2 - Bank and Credit Cards
Unit 3 Adding Customer and Vendor Names
Unit 4 Adding Employee and Other Names
Unit 5 Adding Inventory Sample Item & Special Offer For ShopKeeper
Unit 6 How To Open Google Sheets In Lieu Of Excel
Module 3 Inventory Operations
Unit 1 Setup Excel Worksheet in Preparation for Download from Amazon
Unit 2 Downloading Amazon Inventory to Excel Worksheet
Unit 3 Mapping QB Inventory and Amazon Inventory Worksheets
Unit 4 Importing Excel Worksheet into Inventory File on QuickBooks - Two Methods
Unit 5 Making Mass Adjustments to Inventory Accounts
Unit 6 Adjust Quantity on Hand and Account For Damaged Inventory
Module 4 Banking Downloads
Unit 1 Download Credit Card Transactions
Unit 2 How to Post and Archive Retail Arbitrage Receipts
Unit 3 Private Label Scenario - Adding Inventory With Proportional Payment
Unit 4 How to Import PayPal Account Information
Module 5 Posting Sales Invoices
Unit 1 Customize Your Invoice Design
Unit 2 Manage Orders and Create Invoices
Module 6 Posting Payment Statements
Unit 1 Amazon Reserves Account
Unit 2 Posting Payment Statements 1
Unit 3 600 Transactions Or More Need Different Reports
Unit 4 Posting Payment Statements 2
Unit 5 Post AR and AP Transaction for AZ Payments
Unit 6 Find a Missing Invoice on Payment Statement
Unit 7 Posting Payment Statements - Bank download
Unit 8 Verify Wash Account is Clean Zero
Unit 9 Credit Memos and How to Post in Payments
Unit 10 Mass Sales Invoices
Module 7 Reports
Unit 1 Inventory Reports and Using Help
Unit 2 Customer Sales Detail with Ship To Address
Unit 3 Balance Sheet - Plus Reconcile Inventory Asset Account & Inventory Evaluation Report
Unit 4 Customizing Profit and Loss Report
Unit 5 Sales Tax Payable Report
Unit 6 ROI Worksheet and Inventory List Report
Module 8 Shopkeeper
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Setup
Unit 3 SK vs AMZ Reports
Unit 4 Excel Workbook
Unit 5 Reports
Unit 6 Excel Tips
Unit 7 Plug-in Figures
Unit 8 Journal Entry

Southermomflair’s Amazon bookkeeping course is an excellent course for FBA sellers that want to get a grip on their accounting books without learning becoming too overwhelming!  It provided me with a high-level yet detailed approach to accounting for Amazon FBA with Quickbooks that is easy to follow.  The videos are short and sweet and best of all straightforward on what and where to click.   The Excel worksheet in the course is an absolute gem, essential and excellent in capturing the core details of FBA sales and expenses while tracking inventory is made a synch.  The ability also to continuously review the videos and explanations has helped me not only to analyze but understand better the various  aspects of my business and to get clearer on how Quickbooks can be transparently used so that I can concentrate on growing my business.  One of the best features, though, is the support for this course.  It  is simply TOP-NOTCHED!  Any question(s) you might have will be answered thoroughly and there is a great comfort level knowing there’s years of experience on the other end.  Guess that’s that Southern Hospitality!

Osie D.


Sample Video Opening Your Inventory in Quickbooks Pro Desktop

Vicki’s course has been a great starting point for me in terms of using QB to better track and control my business. It’s not a one-size-fits-all thing, and (for me, at least) it didn’t cover everything that applies to my business or tell me exactly how to do everything I’d want or need to do with the software. It has, however, been a great resource for learning how to develop a unique QuickBooks system as a business tool. Vicki has been really great about answering questions she hasn’t covered in videos, helping me adapt what she has here for my situation when I don’t see how to make it work “out of the box”, and generally just being responsive and enthusiastic about making sure I get what I need out of the resources she’s provided. I’d definitely recommend this course as a resource for someone taking an active role in running their business better.

Andy S.


I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself.

About Vicki McCayMy name is Vicki McCay.  I’m a wife and homeschooling mother, who has an Amazon FBA business and does accounting for three other local small businesses.  With many years in automotive (double-entry) accounting under my belt, QuickBooks was a logical solution when we started a 401(c)3 mission organization almost twenty years ago.  Learning it was hard, but with perseverance and the experience in the car business, I succeeded in setting up the accounting system for the non-profit.

When I left the automotive business to be a full-time mommy to our son, I accidentally got a part-time job as a personal assistant and bookkeeper!  It’s a long story how that happened.  Just saying, volunteering for Meals on Wheels can be dangerous to your unemployment plans.

After a few years of the part-time gig, I decided to make a go of staying home again.  Personal assisting is not something you can just drop.  So, I still help my former employer with his accounting and personal stuff.  That has since turned into three businesses for which I’m doing the accounting.

Then a couple years ago, I started investigating options for what we’d do when my husband retired.  We’ll be debt free, except for living expenses – utilities and food.  We won’t need much, but we will need some.  So, one day I stumbled upon Amazon FBA.  It intrigued me because I liked the fact that it was something I could do without being tied to the house or inventory.  We want to be able to travel on the spur of the moment, you know.

So, I bought some courses and set sail on a great adventure.

Uh,oh…storms ahead.  Amazon is an animal that didn’t play well with my accounting system.  There had to be some adjustments.  Rest assured, I preserved until I found the solution to posting invoices, payment statements and tracking inventory, along with sales tax payable.  I won’t lie, the mechanics were hard to workout.   I spent many long, sleepless nights in anguish.  I thought there was no solution and I would be required to get some outside vendors to do all of it.  Slowly, the fog cleared.  Falling back on my automotive accounting years, I was able to create a process and a posting worksheet that was the solution to the payment statement issues.  Then I came up with a process of posting mass invoices.  That sealed the deal, QuickBooks is the way to go!

Being a teacher at heart, I share what I have learned.

Important: Information in this document does not constitute tax or legal advice and must not be used as such.  If you have tax or legal questions, please contact your professional adviser.  This course is simply to demonstrate how to use the accounting software.

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