Amazon Sellers Guide to QuickBooks Pro -2017 - Course Outline

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 This course is retired.  It is no longer available to purchase

Module 1The Basics
Unit 1Opening a New Company File
Unit 2Backing Up Your Company File
Unit 3Opening Your Inventory
Unit 4Setting Up Sales Tax Items
Module 2The Bones
Unit 1Setting Up Chart of Accounts Part 1- Income and Expenses
Unit 2Setting up Chart of Accounts Part 2 - Bank and Credit Cards
Unit 3Adding Customer and Vendor Names
Unit 4Adding Employee and Other Names
Unit 5Adding Inventory Sample Item
Unit 6How To Open Google Sheets In Lieu Of Excel
Module 3Inventory Operations
Unit 1Setup Excel Worksheet in Preparation for Download from Amazon
Unit 2Downloading Amazon Inventory to Excel Worksheet
Unit 3Mapping QB Inventory and Amazon Inventory Worksheets
Unit 4Importing Excel Worksheet into Inventory File on QuickBooks - Two Methods
Unit 5Making Mass Adjustments to Inventory Accounts
Unit 6Adjust Quantity on Hand and Account For Damaged Inventory
Module 4Banking Downloads
Unit 1Download Credit Card Transactions
Unit 2How to Post and Archive Retail Arbitrage Receipts
Unit 3Private Label Scenario - Adding Inventory With Proportional Payment
Unit 4How to Import PayPal Account Information
Module 5Posting Sales Invoices
Unit 1Customize Your Invoice Design
Unit 2Manage Orders and Create Invoices
Module 6Posting Payment Statements
Unit 1Amazon Reserves Account
Unit 2Posting Payment Statements 1
Unit 3600 Transactions Or More Need Different Reports
Unit 4Posting Payment Statements 2
Unit 5Post AR and AP Transaction for AZ Payments
Unit 6Find a Missing Invoice on Payment Statement
Unit 7Posting Payment Statements - Bank download
Unit 8Verify Wash Account is Clean Zero
Unit 9Credit Memos and How to Post in Payments
Unit 10Mass Sales Invoices
Module 7Reports
Unit 1Inventory Reports and Using Help
Unit 2Customer Sales Detail with Ship To Address
Unit 3Balance Sheet - Plus Reconcile Inventory Asset Account & Inventory Evaluation Report
Unit 4Customizing Profit and Loss Report
Unit 5Sales Tax Payable Report
Unit 6ROI Worksheet and Inventory List Report