Craft a charming centerpiece starting with a quart regular mouth mason jar. Begin by filling the bottom with about 1/3 cup Epsom salt and adding a few white pebbles. Insert 6 to 8 tiny pinecones and wrap pine sprigs with fairy lights, placing the control switch near the top for convenient access. Create picks from brown paper cardstock using paddle food picks glued to the back, and utilize a free PDF pattern. Just print it out and paste it to cardstock. Enhance the display with two small American flags and a Scout Law sign, distributing each trait among the centerpieces for a special touch.

To set the tables, consider using navy tablecloths with burlap squares in the center of the tables.  Place a wood slab in the center of the burlap. Place the mason jars on the wood slabs.  Add additional larger pine cones, along with extra pine sprigs, around the burlap.  A confetti of some sort is nice to add to the tables.  Some nice ones that sparkle are available or you can do what I did.  I took some merit badges and made copies on my printer.  Then I sat and cut them out while I watched TV.