Courses, Spreadsheets and Services

I’ve created courses to teach Amazon sellers and other small business owners how to use QuickBooks Desktop Pro for Mac and PC, as well as QuickBooks Online Simple Start.  Amazon accounting is much more detailed than most other eCommerce platforms.  One of my courses shows a method of implementing Profit First type accounting into QuickBooks.  Another teaches how to Catch-Up Amazon accounting.  Recently, I’ve added Excel spreadsheets to my offerings.  Whether you need help with OA Sourcing for profits or tracking inventory outside of QuickBooks or even help with calculating cost per item on RA receipts, I have a spreadsheet to help.  A service that many Amazon sellers look for around tax season is reconciling their 1099-K.  I can provide a quick turn-around on that so you can stop worrying about it.

Some folks love courses and spreadsheets with instructions, others need and want to talk face-to-face. 


This is where coaching comes in handy.  With courses, the instruction is general and tries to touch areas for all sellers.  Coaching can pinpoint the exact things that the client needs to focus on and complete.  While coaching on accounting we may find other areas in your business that need attention.  I’m often asked about which expenses are deductible or how to find sales tax totals collected by Amazon or where to find liability insurance required by Amazon or how to create a custom seller SKU, etc.  We can look at anything you need help with.  If I don’t know, I will say so or try to help you find the answer.  Hey, I even created the website that hosts my courses and spreadsheets.  If you need help with WordPress and WooCommerce, I’m here for that too.  I look forward to serving you as a coach.

I’d love to share a little about my experience and the services I offer. My eCommerce experience includes Amazon FBA, Merch by Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace.  I’ve been doing accounting professionally for well over thirty years.  Specifically, I do what is referred to as double-entry accounting.  The best small business accounting software, in my opinion, is QuickBooks and it is the favorite of many CPAs.  I’ve been using it for over twenty years.  I also have about twelve years of experience using Excel. 

Resources Created by Vicki

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