"I wish I had found your course earlier."

This is probably the number one comment I hear on the course, but the questions come first.

If you need to know how to set up your QuickBooks the right way for Amazon Selling, I highly recommend Vicki’s video classes before you make a mess of things. Thanks for the great video series, Vicki.

Tye T.


Is QuickBooks hard to use?

At first it will be a little confusing.  However, the course is lined out in a step-by-step fashion for every level user.  If you follow each step, you should have all you need to succeed in setting up and running your accounting system.

How long is the course?

Well, take a look at the Course Outline.  You will see it is over 30 video lessons with worksheets as needed.  The videos are short and sweet.  The course is self-paced and easy to review or skip topics.  Sure, you can probably complete a run through of the course in a weekend.  Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t remember everything.  Just go back and review as you need.  Some of my students tell me that they open the course window and their QuickBooks side-by-side.  Then they just follow along starting and stopping the video along the way.  It’s like I am sitting next to you!

I have used GoDaddy for a while. Why change?

 I have not used GoDaddy bookkeeping, but from what I am told by those who do, it is basically equivalent to a checkbook program. QuickBooks offers double-entry accounting and GD offers single-entry.  I know of large businesses that run GoDaddy, but they can’t do everything they need to do in one software.  They need other vendors to do things like take care of Inventory and Sales Tax Payable.  QB does it all and will grow with you.

Do you do any coaching or one-on-one tutorials?

Well, I try to answer email questions personally.  I am sure at some point I will not be able to do that, but for now, I am happy to help any way I can.  I have been known to do some fix-it stuff too on an hourly or project based rate.  It requires a bit of trust on your part as I will need records and access that may make you feel uncomfortable.  I get that.  It would be case-by-case and as I have time to devote to your issue.  I run my own business, homeschool my son and keep books for three other small businesses.  I’m a bit busy. 🙂  My husband likes to eat, so I have to buy groceries and cook too.  I am just like you!

What should I download into my new QuickBooks Company File?

Everything you can get your hand on!  This will put all your information in one place.  However, it is perfectly fine to run your books in two places if you are starting late and just want to finish out a year.  QuickBooks makes it easy to post ending balances from bank statements and other accounts as you setup your system.  Let’s just say you had a big mess last year and you were already using QB, just not the way I show in the lessons.  Now you are having a hard time reconciling your Amazon Payment Statements.  It can be very overwhelming.  I would just cut off the old and start new with the accounts shown in the course.  Then you at least have a good starting place.  The old will need to be dealt with, but you can move forward with the new.  I mean you gotta record your new sales, right?

Can I download information from Amazon Seller Central like Active Listings, Payment Statements and Order details plus my bank details?

Yes, you can.  We devoted a whole module to each subject.  Now a word on the banking question….Some banks are better than others when it comes to downloading into QuickBooks.  If it was me, I would choose a bank that offers QuickBooks downloads with WebConnect.  I would consider changing banks if need be.  Just saying, why do it the hard way?

I sell bundles and pieces, books and toys, grocery items and t-shirts. How does QuickBooks Pro Desktop keep up with all that variety?

QuickBooks Pro Desktop is built to handle anything you can throw at it, almost.  There are other more advanced and hefty priced versions of QB.  However, this version can handle parent-level inventory with sub-items for variations, as well as, bundles and regular inventory parts.  You can customize your inventory any way you want.

Holding This Place For Your Question!

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Where can I get QuickBooks Pro Desktop version?

This link will give you several options to purchase the version you want.  I use the desktop Pro version without any additional add-ons like payroll.  You can order either the disc or download version.  Be sure to make a system recovery disc regardless of the version for convenience and safety’s sake.  However, Intuit is pretty good about re-downloading lost software.  Keep software and license key information somewhere safe, just in case you need it later.

I’ve taken your Amazon Sellers Guide to Quickbooks course, and have found it to be EXTREMELY HELPFUL!  Thanks a ton.

Dave H.

Little Elm, TX