How the Free Homeschool Membership Works

I believe parents are the best people to make decisions on their child’s education.  I also believe parents should decide how children use the internet and all the resources available to them.  However, there are also laws to be considered about age limits and such when it comes to online accounts and email. Therefore, you must be an adult to setup the membership or at least have your parent’s permission.

I know that many homeschool families have more than one child.  One membership per family may not fit well since the membership page is specific to each student.  As parent, you decide how you want to sign up for membership. You will need a different email address for each account.  It does not have to be a real email address, unless you want to get email each time a course is completed.

I would appreciate at least one good, real email address so I can keep parents in-the-know on updates and new projects.

Just so you have an idea of how it works, I signed up my dog – Oliver the Beagle.  🙂

Click though the tabs for the screenshots.

I used a fictitious email for Oliver.  By using a real one and adding Oliver in the middle, I can identify which parent account it is.  The Username is Oliver and will be used to login.  The Password is unique to each account.  The First Name will show up on the Welcome Membership page.  (see next tab) The last name will help me know the account is registered through an adult/parent membership. Adults will get email notifications of updates and such. Students with fictitious email addresses will not get notifications.  Alternately, if parents want to setup email accounts that are controlled by the parent, the finished tests and module notices will be sent to the email address provided. We download our test results to the Google Drive folders for our homeschool classroom. This makes easy record storage and reference   Parents, it is your choice.  Just use how ever works best for you.

Try signing up one membership at a time.  See how it looks and works.  If you have an issue and want to change anything, go to My Account and make changes.  If all else fails, contact me at  We will work it out. ?

Please notice in the screenshot all the information that was input in the Sign-up Form. Once this page displays, the User is logged into the personalized membership page.  Note below on the blue header “Oliver the Beagle Member Page.”  To log out, use the Log out link.  To log back in, use the Member Page link and the provided credentials.
Please notice the Welcome _______________! (this is the user name) The Courses page will display below the Welcome.  Each blue link will open to Modules associated with the course.
Each Module is a book and each Unit is a section of study.  Books with chapters usually have a unit per chapter.  Tests are adjusted according to the easiest way to test on the subject.  
Units include tabs with book information, including where you can order it.  Most may be found in your public library.  However, I provide the link on the Spec tab for reference, if it is available for purchase, which includes more information about each book.  I do not sell the referenced books.  The links are affiliate links, meaning I will make a small commission if you choose to use the link.  Of course, I would appreciate that, but it is in no way a requirement for using this site. There are three tabs for each book study: Main, Specs and Vocabulary.  Be sure to check out the Vocabulary tab for additional resources.
Tests will appear below the tabs sections.  They may be taken as open-book quiz or after study tests.  You decide what works best for your family. Once the test is completed, the student will have an opportunity to review answers and answer any they skipped during the first review.  Then the student will need to submit the test for grading.  Immediately, results will be available.  The tests are all Multiple Choice or True/False.  I do not use open-ended or discussion type answers because those require I manually grade the tests.  Parents may choose to ask those type of questions to evaluate understanding on topics not tested.
Once the tests are completed, be sure to use the Download Results button, which appears in the upper right corner of the Test Results page, to get a .pdf version of the completed exam.  Again, an easy way to file and show work.  We file the completed exam on Google Drive.

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