Enhance your QuickBooks Online Simple Start experience with this insightful tip on streamlining your General Journal entry process. Unlike QuickBooks Desktop Pro, the Simple Start version lacks a straightforward method to memorize transactions for recurring entries. However, with the following steps, you can expedite your General Journal entry postings efficiently.

  1. Create a Recurring Journal Entry: Begin by crafting a recurring journal entry, arranging accounts in a logical order for easy reference in the future. For instance, if you’re transcribing a statement from an eCommerce platform like Amazon, align the entries in the same order as the statement. This strategic arrangement will simplify subsequent postings. Don’t forget to save the entry once completed.

  2. Reopen and Copy for Future Postings: When it’s time to replicate the entry for the next month, reopen the saved sample entry. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and locate “More” in the footer bar. Opt for the “Copy” option from the dropdown. QuickBooks will generate a copy of the General Journal entry, accompanied by a notification at the top reminding you to make necessary modifications and save. The copy will automatically display the current date, which you can retain or adjust as needed.

  3. Adjust Totals and Save: Proceed to modify the totals as required for the current month’s accounting. If the default date suits your needs, you’re all set. However, if adjustments are necessary, update the date accordingly. Once all adjustments are made, ensure to click “Save and Close” to safeguard your changes.

For a visual walkthrough, refer to the accompanying video demonstrating this efficient process. Elevate your QuickBooks Online Simple Start proficiency with this time-saving approach to General Journal entry postings.