When posting in QuickBooks Desktop Pro, we can easily Memorize transactions for recurring entries.  However, in QuickBooks Online Simple Start version there is no way to memorize the transactions.  Here’s a quick tip to speed up your posting of General Journal entries in Simple Start. 

First, create the recurring journal entry posting the accounts in the order that is easiest to follow next time.  If you are posting a statement from an eCommerce platform such as Amazon, you may want to use the statement and follow down the list in order.  Doing so will make future posting simpler. Make sure to save the entry. 

When you are ready to create another month’s posting you will need to reopen the sample entry you just made.  Next, scroll to the bottom of the screen and look for More, in the footer bar.  Choose the dropdown option Copy.  A copy of the General Journal entry will appear with a message at the top from QuickBooks telling you this is a copy. The message will remind you to make changes and save.  The copy will also have today’s day, if that is good, proceed to change your totals.  Of course, if the date is wrong or you need a different one, just change it first.  Once all your accounting is input be sure to Save and Close.  

Here’s a video showing the process.

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