Are you kidding me?  How is it I have suffered for over 20 years with Sciatica pain?  I’ve been to multiple professionals, in my search for relief.  These professionals include: medical doctors; chiropractors; physical therapists; massage therapists; even Dr. Google.  All offered some relief or information, but none full relief or solutions.  The visits added up to tons of money in fees and left me discouraged.

Avoiding Life And The Things I Love

No longer did I enjoy anything I once loved.  Gardening was out. Skating, no way.  Sewing and sitting long hours at my computer, no more.  (My job is at my computer.)  Sleeping was impossible most nights.  I could never get comfortable and stay that way more than a few minutes.  Forget laundry or loading the dishwasher.  I could not stand at the sink or stove to prepare meals.  My husband had to do the grocery shopping after working 8 – 10 hours at his job.  He had to do all the yard work and a lot of the housework.  Weight gain became an issue.  Not being able to exercise or even walk around the block, I was miserable and desperate for a solution.

Herniated Disks and Scoliosis

It’s something I have known about and dealt with since I was a child, but has been getting worse as I age.  The nerve pain is associated with the condition, but I have also dealt with herniated disks, as well.  I’m working on straightening my spine through the Schroth Method.  Yes, my spine is actually straightening through using the method’s exercises.  I highly recommend anyone who has Scoliosis to check out the Schroth Method.  My physical therapist is Dr. Niki Varveris at PhysioNetics  Of all the professionals I have seen, she is the absolute best!  With her instructions and knowledge of Scoliosis, I have made great strides.  After only five visits, I was released to come back, as needed.  That was less than $500 spent.  Worth every penny!

No Opioid or Surgery

I am one of those health nuts that does not like to take prescription drugs.  With the Opioid drug addictions on the nightly news, I did not want to take anything that may cause addiction.  So, no drugs.  I don’t want to be cut on either, so no surgery.  I know, you are probably thinking, “She’s crazy!”  But wait, I’ll tell you how I got relief without prescription drugs or surgery and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Quality Supplements

I don’t take prescription drugs for anything other than the occasional seasonal allergy or respiratory ailment.  (I’m looking for something to supplement, so I won’t need those either, but one thing at a time.)

I do take several targeted supplements, such as fish oil, CoQ10, bio-identical hormone therapy, D3, and a few others.  Since all supplements are not created equally, I am picky about where I get mine.  I use Life Extension supplements because they are researched and developed by doctors and scientists, who use clinical trial based approach to getting the most of the supplement.  I’m not one to flush money down the toilet.  Some supplements by less reputable producers will not absorb as needed to get the benefit and is basically discarded by the body.

The little ad above is an affiliate link.  I will be paid a commission if you choose to use the link and buy something. The cost to you is the same whether you use the affiliate link or not.  Of course, I would appreciate your using my link.  However, I am not telling you my story in order to sell you a product so I get commission.  In fact, you can choose to type in the search and bypass my affiliate link.

ComfortMAX?, 30 AM vegetarian tablets, 30 PM vegetarian tablets

Having said that, I would like to tell you about the supplement I am taking that has made my nerve pain a thing of the past.  Not only the Siatica pain has been relieved, but also the leg and back pain, plus the general touchy feeling all over my body.  One of my massage therapists mentioned he thought I may be suffering from Fibromyalgia, which he thought caused the all-over pain just under the skin.  The kind of pain you can’t really pinpoint unless someone touches you.  It’s kind of like a skittish feeling all the time or a bruised feeling from the slightest touch.  It’s the exhausting, debilitating type of pain that just hangs on and I could just never seem to get the rest I needed.


The supplement that has made all this possible is ComfortMAX, 30 AM vegetarian tablets, 30 PM vegetarian tablets.  Notice the 30 AM and  30 PM in the name.  This is a 30 day supply that is taken twice per day, one in the morning and one at night.  The daytime dose is a white tablet and the nighttime is blue.  That’s it.  Nothing fancy or expensive.  Nothing hard to do and no appointments to make with professionals.

Giving The Supplement Time To Work

A nice thing about Life Extension is they offer discounts for quantity orders.  Usually the best discount is with a quantity of four.  I wanted to give the stuff a fair try so I ordered four boxes thinking it would take a while to notice a difference.  Funny thing is, I took the first dose at night (the not so tiny blue pill) and went to bed.

No More Pain

Next day, no pain.  I remember waking up and feeling rested.  I felt something was different, but did not connect the dots until a little later.  Coffee first, right?  Let me get moving around.  What’s happened?  Wait a minute, I’m not hurting.  Oh, give it time the pain will be back.  You’ve had it so long you’re just used to it.  Ha, no pain all day.  I did take the morning dose after coffee and breakfast.  It’s been the same relief ever since. If a dose is missed, the slightest twinge of pain reminds me to take my supplement.  Just as quickly the twinge is gone.

I just finished my first box.  If you have read this far, I hope you at least clicked the link to the product and checked out the price.  It is full retail at $44.  I paid the quantity discounted amount of about $26.  That’s less than one visit to the physical therapist for four months supply.  I told you it was inexpensive.

Here’s The Science Behind How It Works

I don’t like to take the vitamin company’s word for the effectiveness of any supplement, even a reputable company like Life Extension.  I always search out medical and scientific studies to back up claims.  So here’s two clinical studies you may find helpful in your search for answers. 

Therapeutic utility of palmitoylethanolamide in the treatment of neuropathic pain associated with various pathological conditions: a case series

Honokiol, a Multifunctional Antiangiogenic and Antitumor Agent

Life Is Fun Again

I’ve been shopping again.  We went on a family Christmas cruise to the Bahamas and enjoyed several hours of snorkeling.  I got out in the yard and potted plants, along with moving some plants around in the beds.  We’re getting ready to plant some veggie boxes.  I’m doing laundry and dishes with pleasure.  Yes, I’m even cooking again.  It’s the simple things in life we miss when we can’t do them.  I don’t take them for granted nowadays.  Oh, another significant change is I am now able to go to the gym with our thirteen year-old son. I’ve even lost five pounds recently, with a cruise!

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