1099-K Reconciliation for Amazon Sellers


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Maximize Your Amazon Success: Hassle-Free 1099-K Reconciliation Service!

Congratulations on crossing the $20,000 threshold with over 200 transactions on Amazon! Now, let’s tackle the infamous 1099-K together. If you’re staring at the numbers, feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry—I’ve got your back.

🚀 Swift Reconciliation Results in 24 Hours!

Say goodbye to stress with our efficient 1099-K reconciliation service. We’ve crafted a foolproof system to swiftly reconcile your Amazon sales, providing you with a detailed PDF report ready for your CPA or tax records. Rest easy knowing your tax reporting aligns with the IRS and Amazon records.

📧 Simple Submission Process

To get started, share two crucial pieces of information: your Date Range Summary Report and 1099-K. Redact personal details and email them to vicki@southernmomflair.com. Ensure consistent contact details for a seamless process.

  • You can find the 1099-K form in Seller Central. From the Reports section, select Tax Document Library, then the appropriate year, and then Form 1099-K.


  • You can find the Date Range Summary Report in Seller Central.  From the Reports section, Choose Payments then select Date Range Reports tab, then click Generate Report button, choose Summary radio button,  choose the Custom radio button, then choose the Date Range beginning with January 1st and ending with December 31st of the year for the 1099-K in question.  Click Refresh on the document line.  Once the Download button is visible click it.  You will get a pdf of the Summary to send to us.

📊 Bonus Profit & Loss with COGS—No Extra Charge!

Elevate your financial insights! When you order our 1099-K Reconciliation and provide inventory figures, you’ll receive a bonus Profit & Loss statement with Cost of Goods Sold included. This report focuses solely on sales, selling fees, and COGS—no additional expenses.

📈 Adding COGS to Your Order? Here’s What We Need:

    • Beginning inventory total on January 1st or your first inventory day.
    • Total purchases in dollars for the entire year.
    • Ending inventory total on December 31st or your last day with Amazon.

    Include these figures in your email to vicki@southernmomflair.com.   


🔍 For Inventory Lab Users:

IL users can effortlessly include COGS. Simply provide the Profit & Loss report using January 1st to December 31st as the date range. Your CPA will appreciate the added details!

Inventory Lab users can get all this information included on the report by running another report, along with the Profit & Loss on IL.  The Inventory Valuation report on IL needs to be run twice.  The first report needs to have the date of the very first day you had inventory on IL.  If you had inventory on January 1st of the year in question but did not have Inventory Lab until later in the year, you’ll need the January 1st total for the Beginning Inventory.  Otherwise, the IL report will suffice.  The second report needs to have December 31st of the year in question for the date.  This will give us the Ending Inventory.  

🚀 No 1099-K? No Problem!

Even if you didn’t receive a 1099-K, our service is tailored for you. Utilize the same reports, receive a detailed PDF, and impress your CPA with your meticulous record-keeping.

📌 Important Information:

This document doesn’t offer tax or legal advice. For professional advice, consult your adviser. Our service is based on Amazon’s 1099-K instructions.

🤝 Client Satisfaction Guarantee

While most clients balance perfectly, occasional discrepancies may occur due to December-January sales overlap. Rest assured, we aim for precision and transparency, providing the closest reconciliation possible. There is no refund for this overlap.  We will get as close as humanly possible using the two reports Amazon supplies.

Ready to simplify your 1099-K reconciliation? Email your reports to vicki@southernmomflair.com for a hassle-free process. Let’s make tax season a breeze!