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You have a million things going on at once, right?

To stay current on your Amazon sales accounting, you need a method that’s simple, fast and affordable.

Does the thought Amazon may send you a 1099-K cause anxiety or are you super pumped about it?

Third-party payers are required to issue a 1099-K when your unadjusted gross sales reach at least $20,000 AND you have 200 or more transactions!  

You may be asking, “What exactly is an unadjusted gross sale anyway?” 

It’s probably not what you think.

The problem comes when you try to reconcile that thing to your books, assuming you have any books to reconcile.  

How confident are you in your total Income, Selling Fees, Cost of Goods Sold and Ending Inventory figures?

Whether you do your own taxes or use a CPA,

 accurate figures are a must.

Can you use some help coming up with the numbers?

Are you looking for a course to learn how to catch up your accounting?

Catch Up Accounting focuses on totals rather than individual transactions, making it perfect for time sensitive bookkeeping for busy people. 

Who wants to spend tons of time and money just to prepare year-end reports?  You’d rather invest in more inventory and less bean counting.

Seven Video Lessons With Excel Workbook Download

business keyboard books newspaper computer Vicki McCay accounting for amazon sellers excel spreadsheet sales 1099k 1099-kUnit 1 – Introduction

You’ll find a safe place to take a breath and calm the chaos.  It’s not as bad as it looks.

Vicki McCay accounting for amazon sellers excel spreadsheet sales 1099k 1099-kUnit 2 – Setting a Course

There’s a plan and we’ll work the plan.  It’s a workbook, but don’t worry if you are not super Excel savvy.  We’ll start slowly so nobody gets left behind.  Yes, it works with Google Sheets too.

Vicki McCay accounting for amazon sellers excel spreadsheet sales 1099k 1099-kUnit 3 – Sales, Selling Fees and Sales Tax

We have a love/hate relationship with these guys, but they are no match for our method.

ledger Vicki McCay accounting for amazon sellers excel spreadsheet sales 1099k 1099-kUnit 4 – Cost of Goods Sold

We’ll discover how Cost of Goods Sold is calculated and where to find the figures we need.  Even if you are using Cash Basis accounting and deducting inventory as it is purchased, knowing the COGS is important to judge your Profit & Loss.

Unit 5 – COGS Continued

We’ll learn how to pull the reports and calculate Beginning Inventory, Ending Inventory, Purchases and COGS.  This worksheet will provide your CPA with all the necessary sales numbers for either accounting method, Cash or Accural Basis .

desktop hands pen writing Vicki McCay accounting for amazon sellers excel spreadsheet sales 1099k 1099-k

Unit 6 – Chasing Rabbits

We could just go get a cup of coffee and call it done, but some of us will want to verify one more thing.  Amazon pays the way Amazon pays and we have to deal with that.  So in this unit we will show how to reconcile our bank deposits with the total monthly report summary from Amazon.  Sounds fun, huh?

business finance laptop Vicki McCay accounting for amazon sellers excel spreadsheet sales 1099k 1099-kUnit 7 – 1099-K

The tax form can be a terrifying thing at first because of the unknown aspects, but really it is just a piece of paper the IRS uses as a little heads-up for what they expect to see reported on our returns.

Don't Waste Time In Worry Over Your Accounting.

 I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself.

vicki mccay ecommerce empowerment coach accounting quickbooksMy name is Vicki McCay.  With many years in automotive (double-entry) accounting under my belt, QuickBooks was a logical solution when we started a 401(c)3 mission organization almost twenty years ago.  

In 2017, I started investigating options for what we’d do when my husband retires.  We’ll be debt free, except for living expenses – utilities and food.  We won’t need much, but we will need some.  So, one day I stumbled upon Amazon FBA.  It intrigued me because I liked the fact that it was something I could do without being tied to the house or inventory.  We want to be able to travel on the spur of the moment, you know.  Since we homeschool, this is a great option for us too.

So, I bought some courses and set sail on a great adventure.

Uh,oh…storms ahead.  Amazon is an animal that didn’t play well with my accounting system.  There had to be some adjustments.  Slowly, the fog cleared.  Falling back on my automotive accounting years, I was able to create a process and a posting worksheet that was the solution to the payment statement issues.  Then I came up with a process of posting mass invoices.  That sealed the deal, QuickBooks is the way to go for me.

However, some folks don’t love accounting as much as I do!  I had many clients year after year coming to me in desperation.  They’d put off their bookkeeping for months because they didn’t have the skills or time to complete it.  There had to be a way to help them even if they didn’t want to use QuickBooks.  That’s how this course came about.

Important: Information in this document does not constitute tax or legal advice and must not be used as such.  If you have tax or legal questions, please contact your professional adviser.  Any course offered here is simply to demonstrate how to use accounting software or spreadsheets. QuickBooks for Amazon Sellers and QuickBooks for Beginners courses have a 30-day refund policy.  eBooks, spreadsheets, and courses for spreadsheets are not included in the 30-day refund policy.  I am happy to help with use issues with spreadsheets and courses.

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