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What’s included in the course?

Module 1 - Get Started

You’ll learn how to get started with QuickBooks by choosing a plan for QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Module 2 - Customize It

We will work on customizing your Chart of Accounts to fit your needs. 

Module 3 - Get To Work

We’ll set up online banking, import transactions and reconcile bank accounts.  Bonus lessons include how to account for personal funds spent on business items and using discount gift cards.

Module 4 - Analyzing Reports

Find and run the most common business reports requested by CPAs,  the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet in QBO.  Comparing prior year to current, will give great insight into business practices that are most beneficial.

Gathering your Amazon numbers can be a mind-boggling exercise.

There are lots of options for accounting and choosing the one that fits your business model is so important.

Maybe you have read all the claims and special features associated with different software and spreadsheets.

It can all be rather confusing, especially when you’re not really sure what you need.

You may have tried several versions of record keeping from Excel, Google Sheets, and legal pads.

All these methods will work for a while, but become tedious and overwhelming as your business grows.

Pulling reports from Seller Central and Inventory Lab, without a good system of utilizing the reports, will create a giant mess no CPA wants to tackle.

Your CPA may have suggested using QuickBooks for accounting, but offered little help in deciding on the version.

With high hopes and determination, you start investigating the Intuit website, office supply stores and Google trying to determine which one you need.  Hey, you may have even polled the Facebook group.  Desktop, Online, Mac, PC, Pro, Premier, Enterprise.  Yikes, who knows?  I created a course for Desktop Pro PC and one for Mac.  While I was at it, I created one for QuickBooks Online Simple Start.  You can find the PC an Mac courses on this website.  For now, we will focus on Simple Start.


Now is the time to make a decision.

Accounting may be your least favorite thing about running your Amazon business.

I get that.  Accounting is not as sexy as being a superhero until tax season comes around and your numbers are ready for the CPA on January 1st.  Now that is definitely a super power!

Bookkeeping is a necessary part of any business.  You can’t really run one without it.

It’s not just for tax season, though.

Running reports like the Profit and Loss or the Balance Sheet is the only way you can really tell if your business is making money.

The health of your business can be measured in these reports.

    • Balance Sheet shows your assets like cash, checking and value of inventory
    • Balance Sheet also tracks liabilities like loans, credit cards and sales tax payable
    • The Profit and Loss tracks income and expenses like Amazon sales and selling fees, as well as other business expenses like labels, scales, Scotty peelers. software, subscriptions, Cost of Goods Sold, etc.

If you’re ready to get  your accounting in order without struggling to learn QuickBooks by yourself, we have a course that will help.

Introducing the Amazon Sellers Guide to QuickBooks SIMPLE START

Instant Access

20+ Easy To Follow Lessons

Closed Captioning (CC)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Requires Simple Start Plan approximately $25 monthly

This Course Was Designed With You In Mind

Included are video lessons with PDF downloads and Excel worksheets for every learning style.

The videos are short and to the point.

No matter your experience level, you’ll get what you need to build confidence in your accounting abilities.

Simple Start is a QuickBooks Online plan and costs about $25 per month.

I’ll help you decide as we move through this informational page.

Buy with confidence.  If you choose the wrong course, we’ll swap it out for you.

Being an Amazon FBA seller myself with over 30 years experience in accounting, I know what is important to you and what helps make your job a bit easier.  While this course will not hit every situation or need of every business, it will be a great tool to get you going and answer lots of questions about how QB works with Amazon business models.

QuickBooks Online offers multiple plans.  I chose Simple Start for the online version of this course because it is easy to use and is least expensive of all the plans at about $25 per month.  We will track inventory value, cost of goods sold, income and expenses, plus learn to run a Profit & Loss, as well as a Balance Sheet.  Sellers who choose the Online plan usually do so because they want to add automation.  This is possible, but not taught in the course. 

Scanning receipts to attach to transactions is a function we teach.

With QuickBooks Online, each plan only allows for one company file.  If you need to run more than one business, you’ll need additional subscriptions or choose to go with PC or Mac version.

Online banking with rules added will semi-automate the process of inputting transactions in all versions of QuickBooks.

If you have several revenue streams, you’ll love this package for its comprehensive approach.   With the Online Simple Start course, we’ll walk through choosing the plan, setting it up to running customized reports.  Once you see how QuickBooks works with Amazon you will be ready to adapt it to your other streams.

I recently started a new business as an Amazon FBA seller. I knew I wanted to use Quickbooks to keep track of the financial end, but I had no idea how to set it up for such a unique online business model. I searched online for help and found just the right course that I could take at home – Amazon Sellers Guide to QuickBooks Pro! The course addresses Amazon seller needs, is very affordable, and I was able to proceed at my own speed. Within a few days, I had Quickbooks and up and running!

Deb B.

Melbourne, FL

I’ve taken your Amazon Sellers Guide to Quickbooks course, and have found it to be EXTREMELY HELPFUL!  Thanks a ton.

Dave H.

Little Elm, TX

If you need to know how to set up your QuickBooks the right way for Amazon Selling, I highly recommend Vicki’s video classes before you make a mess of things. Thanks for the great video series, Vicki.

Tye T.


Holly shares her experience with our setup service and coaching option.

She purchased the QuickBooks for Amazon Sellers course but had some specific issues that she wanted to go over before she set up the Chart of Accounts and processes she wanted to use.  She was a bit behind in her accounting because she needed to convert from Excel to QuickBooks.  It was a little overwhelming for her.  We opted to use the set-up-for-you service.  We worked closely together for a few days and got the job done.  Seeing the process described in the course didn’t fit perfectly with her desired processes, I created a new way to post for her business. (The course purchase was not in vain since she still uses the course for other aspects of QuickBooks and the knowledge is useful for any business model.)  Here’s her review of the service.

I used to track my purchases and inventory on an excel spreadsheet for the first couple of years on Amazon. I knew I needed a better way of tracking my inventory while keeping my expenses down and that’s when I learned about using Quickbooks through Vicki at Southern Mom Flair.
Vicki helped me set up my QB account and created a brand new way of posting based on my Amazon business.  She enabled me to track inventory without all the QB invoices, payments and bills, that she teaches in her regular course.  Instead of all that extra posting, I only post the inventory adjustment.  Talk about a GAME CHANGER!!  Plus, I learned how to reconcile my 1099 every month to make sure I was on track for the end of the year.
Her ongoing support gave me the confidence I needed to get this done and done right.  Additionally, her Bucket Accounting course assured me that I have allocated money for my Owner’s Comp, Profit, Taxes, Inventory, and Operating Expenses.  My books are finally in order and I am not stressing over the record-keeping part of my business anymore.  I would encourage anyone struggling with their numbers to check out Vicki’s courses.  It’s the best decision I’ve made for my business.
Holly K.

Southermomflair’s Amazon bookkeeping course is an excellent course for FBA sellers that want to get a grip on their accounting books without learning becoming too overwhelming!  It provided me with a high-level yet detailed approach to accounting for Amazon FBA with Quickbooks that is easy to follow.  The videos are short and sweet and best of all straightforward on what and where to click.   The Excel worksheet in the course is an absolute gem, essential and excellent in capturing the core details of FBA sales and expenses while tracking inventory is made a synch.  The ability also to continuously review the videos and explanations has helped me not only to analyze but understand better the various  aspects of my business and to get clearer on how Quickbooks can be transparently used so that I can concentrate on growing my business.  One of the best features, though, is the support for this course.  It  is simply TOP-NOTCHED!  Any question(s) you might have will be answered thoroughly and there is a great comfort level knowing there’s years of experience on the other end.  Guess that’s that Southern Hospitality!

Osie D.


Vicki’s course has been a great starting point for me in terms of using QB to better track and control my business. It’s not a one-size-fits-all thing, and (for me, at least) it didn’t cover everything that applies to my business or tell me exactly how to do everything I’d want or need to do with the software. It has, however, been a great resource for learning how to develop a unique QuickBooks system as a business tool. Vicki has been really great about answering questions she hasn’t covered in videos, helping me adapt what she has here for my situation when I don’t see how to make it work “out of the box”, and generally just being responsive and enthusiastic about making sure I get what I need out of the resources she’s provided. I’d definitely recommend this course as a resource for someone taking an active role in running their business better.

Andy S.


I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself.

vicki mccay ecommerce empowerment coach accounting quickbooksMy name is Vicki McCay.  I’m a wife and homeschooling mother, who has an Amazon FBA business and does accounting for local small businesses.  With many years in automotive (double-entry) accounting under my belt and over twenty years of experience with QuickBooks, I offer courses to help fellow eCommerce sellers deal with day-to-day accounting.

Important: The information provided here is not tax or legal advice. For such inquiries, consult your professional adviser. Our courses demonstrate accounting software/spreadsheet usage. Refunds for QuickBooks for Amazon Sellers and QuickBooks for Beginners courses are valid within 30 days, excluding e-books, spreadsheets, and spreadsheet courses. Assistance with spreadsheet and course usage issues is gladly offered.

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