QuickBooks Desktop Pro for Beginners – Homeschool Style




QuickBooks Desktop Pro for Beginners ~ Homeschool Style

We teach teens how to use QuickBooks to set up an accounting system for small businesses.

The problem with most accounting and business training is it is boring.

As a high school student, I took accounting classes. They were so boring that I can’t believe I chose accounting as a profession.  Back then, I spent most of the class time staring at a textbook trying to keep my eyes open and hoping the bell would ring before my head hit the desk.  At the ripe old age of sixteen, I went to work in the automotive industry.  It was there that I learned to do accounting – the old-fashioned way – in ledger books!  Yikes, that was definitely an education.

Some courses sold as homeschool-friendly feel like classroom courses not fit for individual student usage.

With QuickBooks for Beginners Homeschool Online Course, we take a different approach.  While the course is geared toward middle and high school students, I know homeschool families come in all shapes and sizes.  The material is so adaptable, it can serve one student or a whole house full.  Whether students are allowed to complete it all online or you portion it out by screencasting video lessons for the family and printing the downloads, the choice is yours.  All content is kid-friendly and special attention is given to the free resources that are included.

Learning accounting is difficult when you have no real-world scenarios.

That’s why we start with a small service business that any teen can probably run – a lawn service.  The lessons are real-to-life from the years my first two homeschooled children were home.  Our son cut grass and our daughter created beach bags to sell.  This course draws on those two examples.  This is not theory we are talking about, it is real business accounting.

Love it or I’ll Buy it Back Guarantee.

Being a homeschool mom, I know what is important in a course.

  • Multiple learning styles are accommodated in this course
  • Video lessons are enough to teach QuickBooks all by themselves
  • Additional resources inspire entrepreneurial pursuits with free links to stories about young business owners
  • Printable worksheets, puzzles and vocabulary lists
  • Progress tracker helps keep student and parent on same page with the lessons
  • Graded quizzes are downloadable for easy record keeping
  • Once the course is completed, there is a final quiz too!
  • Quizzes are set for at least 80% correct to pass, with unlimited attempts
  • Printable certificate available at completion


Why does someone need a bookkeeping system like QuickBooks?

  • It’s the standard for most CPA firms 
  • Software can be installed on a PC, desktop or laptop
  • True double-entry accounting system
  • Offers powerful reporting options like Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Archives vendor invoice copies, which makes it great for eliminating all those receipt piles 
  • Added options for credit card processing and payroll features, including Direct Deposit
  • Accounting for multiple companies available

There’s so much more to QuickBooks Pro Desktop than I can possibly list here. 


Having software to handle the job is one thing, knowing how to use it is another! 

New users often express frustration when trying to learn how it all works together.  The accounting processes happen behind the scenes and it helps to know someone, who can walk you through the entire setup.  That’s where QuickBooks for Beginners Online Homeschool Course shines

This course was extremely helpful to me. The videos were very user-friendly and showed me ways to really improve the methods that will help me advance my business. The quizzes taught me better means to discuss my plans and goals. Thank you for making this a pleasure to learn more about QuickBooks. Highly recommended!!  – Jill R.  – Alabama

QuickBooks for Beginners Online Homeschool Course

Young Entrepreneurs Use QuickBooksUnits 1 & 2  – The Beginning

In this module, students will learn how to open a new company file in QuickBooks Pro.  Students will also learn the importance of a backup and how to ensure a good recovery should a loss occur. Multiple company files can be created in the software by following the instructions for the original company.

Young Entrepreneurs Use QuickBooksUnit 3 – Chart of Accounts

Students will learn about the structure of the accounting system.  We call it the Chart of Accounts or the bones.

Young Entrepreneurs Use QuickBooksUnits 4 & 5 – Item Lists

Item Lists include Service Items, Inventory Parts and Sales Tax Items.  This module will focus on all item types.

Young Entrepreneurs Use QuickBooksUnit 6 – Customize Forms

Students will learn to use Canva.com to create a custom logo and edit QuickBooks forms to create custom invoices, sales receipts and statements. We will be demonstrating the free version of Canva.com in this module.

Young Entrepreneurs Use QuickBooksUnits 7, 8 & 9 – Name File

In this module, students will learn to manage the Name File in QuickBooks.  We will work with Customers, Vendors, Employees and Others.

Young Entrepreneurs Use QuickBooksUnit 10 – Banking

Students will learn options available for Bank type accounts and what they should look for when choosing a bank or credit card for their business, as it applies to QuickBooks downloads.

Young Entrepreneurs Use QuickBooksUnit 11 – Billing Customers

Learning how to create Invoices, bill Accounts Receivable customers, accept cash, make deposits and run reports associated with AR are the subjects in this module.

Young Entrepreneurs Use QuickBooks

Unit 12 – Buying Inventory and Paying Vendors

In this module, students will learn how to prepare documents when they buy inventory and how to pay vendors for inventory purchases and expenses.

Young Entrepreneurs Use QuickBooksUnit 13 – Selling Inventory and Sales Tax Payable Report

Posting inventory sales invoices plus where to find and how to run Sales Tax Payable Report is so important to any business.  We cover it all here.


Young Entrepreneurs Use QuickBooks

Unit 14 – Financial Reports

Finally, students will learn how to run and read the business financial reports – P&L and Balance Sheet.  This module also contains the Final Quiz.  It’s a good one.

Help Your Young Entrepreneur Get Started On The Right Path Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Which QuickBooks plan do I need?

This course was recorded in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017.  That said, it is still applicable to Desktop versions as of 2024.  Versions older than 3 years will not have the capabilities of importing bank transactions, however.  So, if you can handle manual input, you can continue to use older software.  Since Intuit is phasing out Desktop options, you will eventually have to change your accounting software.  Stay with it as long as you can.

Then you can change later to QuickBooks Online or even Quicken Business and Personal.  I like both and have a new version of this course available now for QuickBooks Online – Simple Start.

How can I use the course for more than one person in my immediate family?

In the course, you will find a discount code for siblings that makes the online login available for just $10 each.  This helps pay for hosting the course but also gives each student personal access to quizzes and a certificate upon satisfactory completion.

If you’d rather do the course together, there is no need to request additional login access.  Quiz questions can be viewed on-screen with parents/siblings and grading can be done manually or verbally.  The choice is yours.

How long will the course take to complete?

The course comprises fourteen units, featuring abundant content, including multiple videos per unit. Students have the flexibility to proceed at their own pace—whether taking the time to absorb all the information thoroughly or initially going through it quickly and returning later for a more in-depth exploration.

The videos primarily center on utilizing QuickBooks, while the supplementary resources shift the focus to business and accounting. QuickBooks serves as accounting software but doesn’t delve into teaching accounting principles, which is why we incorporate the additional resources.

How many credits would this course equal?

I would say this course equals about 1/2 credit.  You can pair it with a consumer math class to increase the credit load.

What are my options for use as a Co-op teacher?

In your role as a Co-Op teacher, you have a couple of choices. You can opt to download and print vocabulary, puzzles, and idea starters. The video segments can be watched collectively in class using a computer or projector. The cost is solely the purchase price of the course.

However, if you prefer students to possess an individual copy of the course for personal use, granting them online access to all content, including graded quiz results, you can provide them with a discount code available within the course. This code will reduce the price per student to $25. If their family requires additional copies, we offer a discount code to reduce the sibling price to $10 for each extra family member. Each individual with login access will receive a certificate at the completion of the course. This fee helps cover the expenses of hosting the course online.

Which payment types do you accept?

We utilize Stripe and PayPal for credit card processing, ensuring that no credit card information is stored. If preferred, users can seamlessly use their PayPal account funds. The process is straightforward and user-friendly.

When do I get access to the course?

Once the payment is processed, you will receive a welcome email with your credentials.  Be sure to check you SPAM folder if you do not see it pretty quickly.

Choose “My Account” on the top menu bar and use your credentials.

Choose “Courses” link and “QuickBooks Online for Beginners Homeschool Style”

The Course Outline will open.

Start by clicking on the first unit link.

Where can I use a coupon code?

If you have a discount coupon code, use it on the checkout page.  There is a field you can pop it in and see the price before you checkout.

How do I request a refund?

We offer a 30-day no questions asked refund.  Just send me an email if you are not satisfied with the course.  vicki@southernmomflair.com

I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself.

Vicki McCay front porch teacher homeschool quickbooks high school middle school accounting small business bore teen dreaming class computer training

Hello, I’m Vicki McCay. I bring a wealth of experience and credentials to the creation of this course. As a dedicated wife and homeschooling mother, I’ve successfully managed an Amazon FBA business and provided accounting services to local small businesses. My expertise stems from many years in automotive accounting, specializing in double-entry systems.

My journey with QuickBooks began nearly two decades ago when I implemented it for a 401(c)3 mission organization. Despite the challenges, I persevered and successfully established the accounting system for the non-profit.

Transitioning from the automotive industry, I became a full-time mom to our youngest son. A fortuitous part-time role as a personal assistant and bookkeeper unexpectedly unfolded, leading to a unique blend of experiences. Volunteering for Meals on Wheels, while adventurous, presented opportunities in unexpected ways. Balancing work with motherhood, I was fortunate to be present for our son during his school hours.

Our decision to homeschool arose when we discovered our son’s unique learning style as a Gifted student. With two adult children who were also homeschooled and have become successful citizens, homeschooling is a journey I understand well.

Exploring future options as my husband nears retirement, I stumbled upon Amazon FBA a few years ago. Intrigued by its flexibility, it aligned with our desire for a lifestyle that allows spontaneous travel. The homeschooling environment complements our lifestyle, ensuring we make the most of every moment as our son rapidly grows.

As both an entrepreneur and teacher at heart, my natural inclination is to share the knowledge gained from these diverse experiences with others.



Important: The information provided here is not tax or legal advice. For such inquiries, consult your professional adviser. Our courses demonstrate accounting software/spreadsheet usage. Refunds for QuickBooks for Amazon Sellers and QuickBooks for Beginners courses are valid within 30 days, excluding e-books, spreadsheets, and spreadsheet courses. Assistance with spreadsheet and course usage issues is gladly offered.

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