I have to tell you, I was skeptical about ordering fresh groceries ONLINE from Walmart. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and service we received when we placed our first order for produce, cold, and frozen items. The produce was perfect and that is saying a lot because I am really picky about my fresh veggies! The cold and frozen items were still cold and frozen.
The best part was I did my shopping from home, set my store and appointment time that fit my husband’s leaving work time and he stopped by Walmart on the way home.  Now, there have been more stores added to the service so I can go down to our Walmart Marketplace store down the street and pick them up myself.  
All we need to do is check-in on our app to let them know we are on the way.
When we arrive, we look for the orange pick-up signs. We park in a designated spot.  Then we use the app to show our parking space and vehicle color. They bring out the groceries and load them in the car.
No tipping. No waiting in the checkout. No carts with wobbly wheels. No mask required.  Just pull up and pop the trunk. Love it.
Oh, I had a $10 coupon to try it the first time so that was another win.
Use the button below and you can save $10 too. Give it a try.

Check out the video tutorial below for more tips and how-to use Walmart Grocery pickup. 


Update:  The video is a little older now.  The process continues to be about the same.  Walmart has combined the Grocery with .com so no need to change the URL.  I set up a lot of my favorites so I can just choose the Favorites link and pull up my tried-and-true items.  Be sure to choose your pickup store first.  The site checks inventory at the desired store so you have fewer shortages or substitutions.  You can choose to allow substitution or disallow them per item.  There are some items I will not substitute.  When there is a substitution allowed and given, it is always a more expensive item for the same low price or a lower-priced version.  I’ve never had more charged than I expected.  Once the order is shopped and ready, we get an email with any changes so we can be aware before we pick up.  If an item is substituted that we do not want, we can just inform the person loading and they remove the item.  Likewise, if we get home and discover an error, we can contact Walmart customer service on the email and they take care of it immediately.  I have to say of all the curb-side and delivery options available due to COVID-19, Walmart is my favorite.

Update on order:  There was one substitution on nuts.  I ordered Great Value (store brand) salted cashews 24 oz. at $9.92.  They substituted Planters salted cashews 26 oz. for $9.92.  I’d call that another win for today!   🙂

1 item on your order is substituted


Great Value Roasted & Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces, 24 oz

 1 × $9.92 $9.92


Planters Cashew Halves & Pieces 26 oz. Jar

 1 × $9.92 $9.92