WordPress is open source software used by about half of all websites.  While the software is free, it is also powerful for creating all types of websites like blogs, membership sites, and WooCommerce sites.  In this series, I take users through some of the basics necessary for easy operation.

In this video, I will show you some ways to share affiliate marketing links, text, and HTML code in the context of a Trusted Resources page within my WordPress website.

Why Use Trusted Resources Page?

We all like to share reviews on vendors, stores, supplies, etc.  Why not earn a commission while helping others find the right fit for them?  I like the Trusted Resources approach because I am always asked who I use for this and that.  Having a dedicated page gives me a place to send others so they can find just what they need.  I have the utmost confidence in those that I recommend so I can be sure others have a great experience.

Need additional help?

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