WordPress is open source software used by about half of all websites.  While the software is free, it is also powerful for creating all types of websites like blogs, membership sites, and WooCommerce sites. In this video, I show not one WordPress dropshipping plugin, but two: Spocket and Dropified. Both can be integrated with WooCommerce and Shopify plus other selling platforms.

Deciding on WooCommerce or Shopify? Why not choose both?

With the two Worpress dropshipping plugin I am discussing today, you can integrate with either or both.  They even integrate with Alibaba and Alibaba Express.  Dropified offers an On-Demand Private Label option and integrates with eBay too.  

WooCommerce on WordPress allows for selling physical and digital products.  It has a shopping cart and there are tons of apps to integrate with it.  If you want to dropship, WooCommerce is a great option too.  If you have tried on your own to find reliable suppliers, you will love the two services I am highlighting in this post. Spocket and Droified offer vetted dropship suppliers.  No more disappointing results.  I am adding my affiliate links to the services below so you can check them out.

I am also adding the link to SiteGround web hosting that specializes in WooCommerce.  I love SiteGround because of the ease of use and the technical support staff that can fix any problem I have in a matter of minutes, not days.  Siteground offers very affordable hosting and you can start small then add more space later.  They have packages that you can use to add multiple websites so when you get really good at building sites, you will have a place to host them all.  Be sure to check them out.  I think you will be glad you did. 

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