WordPress is open source software used by about half of all websites.  While the software is free, it is also powerful for creating all types of websites like blogs, membership sites, and WooCommerce sites.  In this series, I take users through some of the basics necessary for easy operation.

Page vs Post

One of the first things that users need to master is knowing the difference between a WordPress Page and Post.  

Posts:  entries listed in reverse chronological order on the website much like Facebook or Instagram posts in that new posts move to the top of the list as older ones move down.  A blog consists of the collection of all posts.  Categories and tags can be used to sort posts in widgets and for easy searching.

Pages:  static and not date sensitive files on the website with familiar titles such as About page, Home page, Contact page, etc.  Think of pages as a framework for the website.  Pages can be linked on the top menu and bottom footer bars as well as multiple hyperlink locations like buttons and widgets.

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