Young Entrepreneurs Use QuickBooks - Course Outline

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Module 1 YE The Beginning
Unit 1 YE Open New Company File
Unit 2 YE Backup Company File
Module 2 YE Chart of Accounts
Unit 1 YE Chart of Accounts
Module 3 YE Item Lists
Unit 1 YE Service Items & Sales Tax Items
Unit 2 YE Inventory Parts
Module 4 YE Customize Forms
Unit 1 YE Customize Logo and Forms
Module 5 YE Name File
Unit 1 YE Lists
Unit 2 YE Customers List
Unit 3 YE Vendors Center & Employees
Module 6 YE Banking
Unit 1 YE Banking
Module 7 YE Billing Customers
Unit 1 YE Billing Customers
Module 8 YE Buying Inventory And Paying Vendors
Unit 1 YE Buying Inventory & Paying Vendors
Module 9 YE Selling Inventory And Sales Tax Payable Report
Unit 1 YE Selling Inventory and Sales Tax Report
Module 10 YE Financial Reports
Unit 1 YE Financial Reports

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