Unlocking the Charm: Exploring Southern Mom Flair

Southern Mom

Southern Moms learn early how to love their babies. This little girl grew up to be my Mama. She raised five of us kids.

Curious about the story behind the name? Well, when I shared my website idea with my husband, he suggested removing ‘mom.’ Surprising, right? He believed ‘Southern Flair’ would capture more interest. Initially hurt, I pondered his perspective. While the site isn’t exclusive to moms, it’s a hub for diverse individuals seeking practical know-how. Let me take you through the journey and meaning behind the name.

🌟 Why “Flair”?

In my quest for the perfect name, I wanted a distinctly Southern viewpoint on DIY and learning. The term ‘flair’ struck like lightning – that graceful sway, breezy feel, and sweet twang we Southern folk exude. A quick search solidified its fit – flair embodies natural talent, smart style, and keen perception.

📷 Family Roots and Themes

Growing up in the South, family, motherhood, and heritage form the heart of this space. Treasuring memories with my grandma and capturing moments with my own family, it’s a celebration of mamas, babies, and history.

My Grandma with some of my  cousins all gathered around. That’s me, second from the left, little blonde next to Grandma.  Starting to see a theme?  Mamas, babies and history.  We treasure them all down here.

This is us in a rare picture all together. I’m the short one in the middle with Teddy behind me. Michael is on the ground with Oliver. That’s Chris and Stacey on the right. Becca and Arya on the left.

🤝 Sharing Wisdom

This site echoes teachings from my mama and other remarkable figures I encountered. Even with great parents, gaps exist. I aim to fill those gaps, sharing practical skills that transcend generations. Whether it’s crafting a recipe, navigating business, or mastering life’s essentials, this is your go-to resource.


🎓 Continuous Learning

Having homeschooled two kids and still teaching, I understand the perpetual learning journey. A 40-year marriage has its lessons too. ‘Holding my tongue’ is a skill inherited from my mama, a nugget of wisdom I’m passing on.

👩‍🏫 About Vicki McCay

Born in Alabama, I’ve juggled roles from file clerk to personal assistant. My diverse experiences fuel my passion for DIY, saving money, and re-purposing items. A licensed insurance agent, Amazon FBA seller, and QuickBooks expert, I’m here to share insights.


📌 Fun Facts About Me

  • Worked in the automotive industry for 30 years in the accounting department, learning valuable lessons from challenging bosses.
  • Adopted our third child in my forties, keeping us young and energized.
  • Stuffed jalapenos are a must for Alabama football games – I’ll gladly share the addictive recipe!
  • A perpetual learner, I absorb knowledge for personal and family benefit.

About Vicki McCay

Welcome to my space – Southern Mom Flair. Let’s learn, share, and celebrate the Southern way of life together! I’m Vicki McCay, and I’m thrilled you’re here.