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Are you overwhelmed with paperwork while managing your Amazon inventory accounting?

  • The most frequently asked question by students in my QuickBooks for Amazon Sellers course revolves around optimizing the posting of Retail Arbitrage receipts. Efficiently tracking the Cost of Goods Sold for inventory in accounting software involves inputting costs, which may seem straightforward, but can become complex when dealing with extensive Retail Arbitrage receipts. As Amazon sellers, we often leverage various discounts, coupons, sales, reward programs, and percentage-offs during product sourcing, leading to potential confusion in calculating costs.

Recognizing the challenges many students face with Retail Arbitrage (RA) receipts, I took proactive steps to address and alleviate these difficulties.

  • I’ve developed an Excel spreadsheet that seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets. This user-friendly calculator is designed specifically for organizing Retail Arbitrage receipts into clear and manageable figures for easy accounting posting. The spreadsheet includes designated fields for item names and UPC/store SKU, ensuring a straightforward identification of each product without any confusion or oversight. Additionally, I’ve incorporated extra calculators for handling sales tax and shipping distribution, making it versatile for those working on Online Arbitrage invoices.
  • If you’re like most resellers, handling cost accounting probably isn’t your favorite way to spend your time. Unless you have the luxury of outsourcing this task, you might find yourself investing significant time untangling the complexities of your great purchases. Think about those lengthy Target receipts featuring numerous items and RedCard discounts, or those Walmart receipts with extensive lines. It’s not just in-store receipts; online purchases with gift cards, discount codes, shipping, and rewards add another layer of complexity. And don’t even get started on calculating the cost of bundles or multipacks – it all needs to be accurately reflected in your accounting. It sounds like a daunting amount of work.

    Imagine having a handy calculator spreadsheet that you can save for each receipt or reuse effortlessly. This particular spreadsheet has been a time-saver for me in costing my inventory, and I’m excited to make it available to fellow eCommerce sellers.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the spreadsheet:

  • Collect Your Receipts: Gather all your receipts, whether they are from in-store purchases or online orders.
  • Open the Spreadsheet: Access the Excel spreadsheet, which is also compatible with Google Sheets for added convenience.
  • Enter Purchase Details: Go through each item on the receipt, entering the purchase price, any applicable discounts, sales taxes, and shipping costs into the respective fields.
  • Individual Totals: The spreadsheet automatically calculates and provides individual totals for each item. This ensures accurate tracking of costs for every product.
  • Receipt Total: The totals for each item are then tallied to provide the overall receipt amount. This streamlined process gives you a comprehensive view of your total expenses.
  • Multipacks Calculation: For multipacks, simply input the total number of packs or fractions, and the spreadsheet efficiently calculates the overall cost.
  • Bundle Pricing: The spreadsheet includes a dedicated calculator for bundles with different product prices, simplifying the calculation process.
  • Sales Tax Averaging: In regions where sales tax varies based on the products purchased, the calculator can average the tax, saving you the hassle of individual calculations.
  • Shipping Allocation: For Online Arbitrage (OA) orders, the spreadsheet evenly distributes shipping costs across all products, ensuring accurate and fair distribution.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly navigate the spreadsheet to efficiently manage and calculate the costs associated with your receipts, making the entire process more straightforward and time-saving.

A little about Vicki

Vicki McCay quickbooks for amazon sellers mac pc simple start online salesWith more than 30 years of experience in accounting and 5 years in Amazon FBA, I desire to share with other sellers how to keep accurate records in the easiest way possible.  

When I’m not working on my business, I am homeschooling my high school son.  You think Amazon accounting is a challenge!  Just kidding.  My husband and I are blessed to be raising such a wonderful young man. Y’all can still pray for us, though.  🙂


Included in this offering is an Excel file with a .xlsx extension, aptly named “Ra Receipt Calculator etsy.xlsx.” This file is compatible with Excel versions 2007-2016. Please ensure to save a personal copy in a designated folder on your computer. For daily use, open the template and Save As, appending the date. This practice preserves your original template while generating a new, date-specific spreadsheet.

Access the Google Sheets version through the link provided in the accompanying Word document.


To utilize this product, Microsoft Office Excel must be installed on your computer. A fundamental understanding of Excel’s functionalities is also recommended. The template was crafted in Office 365, denoted by its .xlsx extension.

Due to the digital nature of this product as a downloadable file, refunds are not available. Kindly review the sample images prior to making your purchase.

Important: The information provided here is not tax or legal advice. For such inquiries, consult your professional adviser. Our courses demonstrate accounting software/spreadsheet usage. Refunds for QuickBooks for Amazon Sellers and QuickBooks for Beginners courses are valid within 30 days, excluding e-books, spreadsheets, and spreadsheet courses. Assistance with spreadsheet and course usage issues is gladly offered.

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